No Limit Manufacturing provided us with the billet camshaft for the build and along with D&J's 7/16 .168 push tubes. - Firepunk Diesel

All 6 sleeves before installation. - Firepunk Diesel

New head complete by D&J Precision Machine, the new head flows at 250 thou lift what last years head flowed at 400 thou lift! It flows right at 300 CFM, with all 6 cylinders within +- 5 CFM with the intake installed. Last year's head flowed 235-240 CFM - Firepunk Diesel

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Eric Kinsolving's truck that dynod 1247.8hp a few weeks ago just backed up the number, we drove it 2hrs to the drag strip this afternoon and ran a 10.35@135.6 right out of the gate - Firepunk Diesel

There's something mesmerizing about a professional detail job! This Mega put down 716HP 1273TQ last week and is owned by Larson Miller - Firepunk Diesel